Sproxte Garage Experience

How To Become a Garage XP Member Today!

Garage XP Black: $34.99/hour
  • Pre-Treatment Charge – $.99
  • High Quality Ink Charges Start as low as – $.52 (in addition to DTG per shirt charge) 
  • DTG per shirt Charge – $.35/Shirt
  • EPSON Sublimation Print Charge Print Charge – TBA 
  • Roland Print Charge – TBA 

GARAGE XP Services Include



Book your time slot 24-Hours in advance and use of our print services on your projects 

Sign in upon arrival, perform your prep, or prep before you arrive

Print the jobs (required for your project(s)

Sign out and settle up for any overages or add-ons

Delight Your Clients!

Outsource Your Projects No More...

Whether your client has requirments for banners, stickers, t-shirts, flyers, socks, hats or much more, Sproxte GARAGE XP’s membership packages make the latest print technologies available to you! We offer printer leasing services to customers needing “On Demand” access to printers for their projects.

PREMIUM EQUIPMENT PLAN Available Soon including: Workhorse Screen Print & Mutohs Sublimation Printers

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